HPC Maths Work Book For UKG

HPC Maths Work Book For UKG


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Salient features of ‘Maths Books’ series:

  • The concepts taught in the books are in accordance with the mathematics syllabus followed in schools all over the world.
  • The books have been carefully graded so that children progress smoothly from basic to higher concepts.
  • A number of practice exercises have been included in the books so that children get ample scope to practice and master the mathematical concepts.
  • Enough space has been provided in the books for children to solve the mathematical problems.
  • The books contain revision exercises at regular intervals which help reinforce mathematical concepts and strengthen conceptual learning.
  • Examples provided at the beginning of various exercises help children understand the methods of reaching the solution correctly.
  • Colourful illustrations have been used extensively in the books so as to grab the attention of children and keep them engrossed.
  • Answer keys have been provided at the end of the books for children to cross-check their answers.
  • The instructions in the books are easy to follow and language has been kept simple and direct.

The books develop and enhance logical thinking skills and make learning fun.

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