HSI Application Computing For Class – 5

HSI Application Computing For Class – 5


Book Description: Computer Science Information Technology Class 7: Computer Science: Information Technology for Classes 1 8 series introduces primary and middle school students to the world of data processing and communication through computers. The new NCERT guidelines and the syllabi of all the other boards have been carefully considered while preparing this series. The main objective of the series is to familiarize students with the practical applications and the versatility of a computer. Thus, the approach in the series is application oriented with plenty of screenshots, cartoon characters, dialog, and color. Written in an easy to understand manner, the presentation is lucid and direct. The contents include the history of computing, the components and parts of a computer, basic software applications, the Internet and the ethical issues surrounding the use of computers and information technology. The special features of the series are given below: *Computer Manners presents computer etiquette using cartoon strips *Tricky Terms provides a list of important terms along with their definitions at the end of a chapter for easy recall *Exercises questions students on all aspects of conceptual theory learned in a chapter *In the Lab challenges students to apply the concepts learned to real life situations *Teacher’s Notes suggests creative ways to approach a chapter or difficult topic *Picture Dictionary at the end of the books for easy recognition of the objects learnt  

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Courses in computer applications typically cover the following topics:

  • Creating text files and spreadsheets
  • Managing images and data
  • Using the Internet
  • Working with Web design programs
  • Desktop publishing
  • Graphic design
  • Spreadsheets and presentations
  • Computer languages and programming
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