HSI IBL Series C Programming

HSI IBL Series C Programming

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C is a popular programming language which is commonly used by scientists and engineers to write programs for any specific application. C is also a widely accepted programming language in the software industries. This beginner’s guide to computer programming is for student programmers to effectively write programs for solving numerical problems. All that is required of a beginner programmer is not experience in computing but interest in computing. The programs illustrated in the book have been accumulated, experimented and tested by the author during his teaching of the subject to a few thousand students in over a decade. In addition, numerous problems are adapted form university question papers. Short questions and answers and objective questions are an added feature. All these would build confidence of the students and those appearing for interview/viva voce in a practical lab. The special topic of the book is C graphics and animation which helps students develop simple programs to generate geometrical and graphical objects. About the Author T. Jeya  poovan specializes in Programming Languages, Computer Graphics, AutoCAD and related software packages. He has an MS in Software Systems form Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani and a B.Tech. from College of Engineering, Trivandrum. He has a rich experience of 14 years and is currently Senior Faculty, Hindustan College of Engineering, Chennai.Table of Contents Introduction To Computers, Introduction To Programming, Fundamentals Of C Language, Input/Output Functions And Statements, Control Statements In C, Loop Control Structures In C, Arrays And Subscripted Variables, String Manipulations In C, Functions In C, Structures And Unions, Pointers, Files, C Preprocessor And Command Line Arguments, Graphics Using C

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