Journey from the Past to the Present Class – 2

Journey from the Past to the Present Class – 2

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Description: Journey from the Past to the Present Class – 2: Journey from the Past to the Present is an integrated series of social studies textbooks for classes 1 to 8.

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The series conforms to the curricular guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework 2005. The series helps students apply knowledge proficiently in a variety of contexts, such as, analyse phenomena in one’s immediate social environment, spatial distribution of resources and their conservation, comprehend how historians study the past using different types of sources, imbibe the values of the Indian Constitution and their significance in everyday life, gain a sense of the working of the Indian democracy, its institutions and processes and become familiar with the socio-economic role of each. Key Features * Simple language and point-wise presentation of facts to facilitate quick retention and recall. * Child-friendly layout with attractive illustrations, photographs and accurate maps augment the content. * Picture Connect at the beginning of each lesson creates a meaningful context for the concepts dealt with in the chapter. * Learning objectives for every lesson provide clearly defined and grade-level appropriate objectives. * Skill Focus activities for developing critical thinking skills, such as information gathering, remembering, focusing, organising, analysing and evaluating. * I Do, I Understand are a range of varied text-based tasks and activities to help students practise and revisit new concepts. * Fun Activities are hands-on activities related to real-life experiences and contexts of the students. * Word Builder is a ready reference of key terms and their meanings. * Did You Know provides interesting facts and trivia on the target concept. * l Have Learnt summarises the key points of the lesson for recapitulation. * My Earth Songs by Ricky Kej, Grammy Award Winning Composer and Art cards based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to sensitise students on environmental conservation

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