Objective Physics Volume-1 For Engineering Entrances 2020 by Arihant

Objective Physics Volume-1 For Engineering Entrances 2020 by Arihant

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This book has been revised and designed by Arihant for the aspirants preparing for the upcoming popular engineering entrances like JEE Main and Advanced, BITSAT, MH CET, EAMCET, Karnataka CET, Kerala CEE, VIT, WBJEE, UPSEE, etc. This book has been designed to help aspirants master the concepts of physics as thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the concepts is required for scoring high in such engineering entrances.

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It is no doubt that engineering has always been one of the most sought-after career opportunities for aspirants, driving them towards a rigorous preparation in order to crack any engineering entrance exams. “Complete study pack for engineering entrances” Is a series of our best-in-class objective study guides in sync with NCERT class 11th and 12th syllabus to enable aspirants towards an effective preparation along with their school studies. “Objective Physics Volume-1” Has been revised in accordance with NCERT class 11th syllabus. It is divided into 17 chapters, accompanying complete text material and practice exercises, along with workbook exercises coupled with each theory. It is housed with more than 5000 MCQs and a brilliant collection of previous years’ solved papers of JEE Main and Advanced, BITSAT, Kerala CEE, KCET, AP and TS EAMCET, VIT and MHT CET, which is the most defining part of this book. Delivering the invaluable pool of study resources for different engineering exams at one place, this is no doubt, an excellent book to maximize your chances to get qualified at engineering entrances. Toc units, dimensions and error analysis, vectors, motion in one dimension, Projectile motion, laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, circular Motion, Com, conservation of linear momentum impulse and Collision, Rotation, Gravitation, simple Harmonic Motion, Elasticity, fluid Mechanics, Thermometry, thermal expansion and Kinetic Theory of Gases, the first law of Thermodynamics, Calorimetry, wave Motion, JEE Advanced solved Paper 2015, JEE Main and Advanced solved papers 2016, JEE Main and Advanced/ BITSAT/Kerala CEE/ KCET/AP and TS EAMCET/ VIT/MHT CET solved papers 2017, JEE Main and Advanced/ BITSAT/ KCET/AP and TS EAMCET/ VIT/MHT CET solved papers 2018.

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