Suppandi 3 – The Laughter Never Ends

Suppandi 3 – The Laughter Never Ends


Hired And Fired That’S The Story Of Suppandi’S Life. Despite His Sincerity And His Desire To Perform Well Professionally, It Seems The Whole Universe Conspires Against Allowing Suppandi To Stick To A Job. And All Those Conspiracies Are Put Down In This Collection Just To Amuse You. So, Get Ready To Grin, Guffaw And Laugh As Suppandi’S Misadventures Tickle Your Funny Bone. And That’S Not All… Read The Exclusive Interview Of Suppandi’S Artist And Witness Suppandi’S Many Avatars Only In ‘Suppandi 3: The Laughter Never Ends’!


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Suppandi, a comic legend, cherished time and again for his rib tickling goof ups, has a new set of misadventures in Suppandi 3 The Laughter Never Ends. His tactics to impress his master backfire upon himself each time, giving each tale a comical twist.

The village simpleton Suppandi is seldom demoralised even though he loses countless jobs. He is determined to get a new job and impress his new master. He works as a help and religiously imprints, in his mind, every word of his master. He applies each word of his master and follows it everywhere, even in adverse circumstances, notwithstanding the basic reasoning and practicality. His antics often result in misfortunes for his master. Losing one job after another has become the norm for Suppandi.

Suppandi s series of confrontations with self invited mishaps, and his losing and gaining jobs one after another, are compiled into this new and humorous collection, Suppandi 3 The Laughter Never Ends. The book also has exclusive interviews with the artists of Suppandi s character. The book, published by Amar Chitra Katha in 2014, is available in paperback.

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