Wow Science For Class – 5 By Archana Shukla

Wow Science For Class – 5 By Archana Shukla


A series of eight course books, WOW! Science aims to ensure effective learning with the help of an innovative and interesting teaching-learning process in a learner friendly environment. The approach followed in the books evokes curiosity and attentiveness in our young learners’ mind to the world around them. Fascinating pictures, vibrant illustrations, daily life examples and hands- on experiments are used to stimulate young minds in connecting the concepts taught with the experiences about the world around them, that they would acquire gradually. A variety of exercises, activities and project works that help teachers and parents in evaluation process, have been included. Inquiry based approach to science was been intricately woven with the guidelines of NCF and syllabus listed by various boards.

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  • Each chapter progresses logically, connecting the previous knowledge with the new content through a useful and interactive ‘Warm–up’ activity to begin with.
  • A list of the aims of learning of each chapter, under ‘We will learn’ begins the chapter and a fl ow chart of the learning accomplished, under ‘I have learnt’, summarised the chapter.
  • The conversation among the three characters– Jigyasa, Chinmaya and Vaigyanik Chacha–is used time and again to make the atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • A wide variety of exercises and a plethora of activities and project works given at the end of chapter help to evaluate the learning.
  • Each chapter is accompanied by a worksheet for further practice and to cement the learning of the topic.
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